Boarding and Grooming

  • Doggy Daycare
    Services are offered Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM, with drop off times starting at 7:30AM and pick up times from 5PM to 6:00PM. Early drop off and late pick up are also available for an additional fee. Your dog will enjoy group play both inside and outside while being cared for by us…
  • Day Boarding
    A program designed to fit the needs of any dog that doesn’t do well socializing and playing in group play, but still needs a place to go for the day! Our boarding suites are available for a daily charge…and your dog will get plenty of attention during their stay!
  • Overnight Boarding
    Available at our climate controlled facility and your dog will love their stay with us. Each night’s stay includes time in our doggy daycare every day while they stay (if approved for group play) and lots of love and attention from our staff…
  • Grooming
    Grooming is done in our beautiful Grooming S’Paw by one of our Grooming Specialists. We offer everything from a simple bath or nail trimming, all the way up to a full service spa experience and “show cuts”. Prices vary by cut, size and services, so give us a call for a quote!

Training         2016 Calendar (click to view)

  • Intro to Agility
    This class is a fun and easy way to get your dog and you working together as a team! Our Intro to Agility class is a terrific way to introduce you and your dog to the sport of dog agility.
  • Agility 1 Class
    This class is designed to introduce obstacles, communication, & stamina
  • Agility 2 Class
    This class is designed to teach your dog to contact obstacles, sequencing & confidence building
  • Agility 3 Class
    Our most advanced level of agility training.This class is designed for competition preparation, more difficult obstacles & jumps
  • Level 1 Obedience Class
    Designed to meet the needs of dogs and puppies that have had no prior formal training, regardless of age. Level 1 is for dogs that need to learn the basics and good manners. Focus is on foundation behaviors like “sit”, “stay”, “come” and walking politely on leash without pulling.
  • Level 2 Obedience Class
    A class for dogs and puppies that have completed Level 1 training or those that can show the proper skills required as prerequisites. In this fun and challenging class, your dog will learn more difficult cues while beginning to learn how to work through distractions…
  • Level 3 Obedience Class
    Our most advanced level of obedience training. This class is designed to challenge both you and your dog to new levels of obedience and prepare you for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Your dog will have the opportunity to earn the AKC title of Canine Good Citizen at the end of this level…Life-like situation training, as well as more advanced skills like reactions to distractions, as well as adding duration and distance to all cues.
  • Coming Soon!
    Rally Obedience 1 Class, Rally Obedience 2 Class & Rally Obedience 3 Class

Private Lessons are Available

Looking for a more intimate one on one with a trainer? We offer specialized private training to suit the needs of any dog at any skill level. Please contact us regarding private lessons and let our expert trainers tailor a custom curriculum based on your dogs’ needs!
We offer a full line of treats, leashes, collars, harnesses, supplements, dog toys and fashionable apparel. We only carry top quality treats because we know that a healthy dog is a happy dog.