Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • Suzy

    Suzy My name’s Suzy, and I’ve been best friends with the owner here for 28+ years! It was never my intention to actually be employed here, but a best friend’s gotta do what a best friend’s gotta do, so when Carole asked me to join the team to fill in during busy times, I did. […]

  • Tylar

    Tylar – Kennel Attendant Hi, I’m Tylar and I have been with AADTGM for almost 4 years now. I’m the “jack of all trades” here, and can be found doing anything from working and playing with the dogs to kennel repair. They even let me answer the phone and work on the desk once in […]

  • Lauren

    Lauren-Kennel Attendant I’m Lauren, I’ve been working at All American Dog Training, Grooming & More for about 2 years, primarily walking the dogs at night after my shift at the local supermarket deli. I’m always happy to see them and they’re always happy to smell me.

  • Jessica

    Hi, I’m Jessica, and I’m the Kennel Supervisor at All American Dog Training, Grooming, & More. My husband, Collin, and I have been married for 11 years. We have 3 children, 2 Boxers, and just added a new fur baby to the family from the Crowley Animal Shelter. We are originally from Wichita Falls but […]